How to host a public screening

Thank you for bringing The Circumcision Movie to your hometown!

Our primary goal in helping you host a public screening is to SPREAD THE WORD! The producers live in Minneapolis and are busy full time midwives and moms who cannot do the work of jumping from city to city for screenings. Your public event, wherever you live, will help folks see the movie nationally. 

The secondary goal of national screenings is to help fundraise. The production was expensive (about $35,000) and we took the bulk of costs on ourselves.  That is why we are asking for you as the host of the event to commit to $250 by purchasing this toolkit. You can either sponsor your event or reimburse yourself with ticket sales and donations.  AND, if your event raises more than $250, please send us a check (preferred) made out to “The Midwife Media,” or donate via paypal on our website.   

Here’s what you need to know about how to host a public screening for The Circumcision Movie

  • We recommend selling tickets for $10/person, and asking for additional donations at the end of the movie with a pitch script (we will provide you with this). 
  • We use Eventbrite to sell tickets for our large screenings, and we are happy to help you set up an Eventbrite page if that helps you organize your event. If you have a different ticket selling program you prefer that is fine.  FYI, when using this site, the ticket buyer will actually pay ~$12, so that the “profit” is $10.  
  • We recommend offering a cash-at-the-door option, requesting of course that on your honor we receive 100% of those funds (after your $250 is reimbursed). Checks can be made out to “The Midwife Media.”
  • In addition to Eventbrite ticket sales, we will be collecting additional donations (over and above ticket sales) by check and PayPal. We will give you information to share with viewers about how to donate in your downloadable / printable toolkit. 


  • For the digital download, we will email you a link to download the film in high definition 1080p MP4 format.  Note: the movie file is over 2GB, so be sure you are on a steady broadband connection before downloading.
  • If, upon downloading, you do not have software to play MP4 files from your computer or laptop, we recommend the free VLC Player, available free for Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX.
  • If your event will be at a location that has a projector with a good screen and good audio, that is the best viewing option for a larger crowd. A very large television could work as well, though a projector has adaptable size capabilities to make the picture larger (or smaller) as need be to fit the space. Whichever you use, we STRONGLY recommend a test-run to avoid technological difficulties. 
  • We will send you a bundle of images you can use in your invitations and promotions, including art files, a movie poster, and fundraising infographic. 
  • In addition to Eventbrite, our other software suggestion is Canva to make posters, flyers, ticket purchase signs, etc to promote your event. We can share template ideas with you for posters if you wish.

Space: Where to host your event?

The possibilities are endless! You could of course rent a small movie theater, but you could also use a university classroom, rent a local community space like a library, or use a church basement or school gymnasium. Be creative and think about community spaces that would be willing to support your event.  Often, university spaces have a fee that is waived for student groups. Could you find a student group willing to “sponsor” your event?  

Things to Consider in Choosing Your Space:

  • Cost: if you spend $250 on space, you’ll have to raise $500 (sell 50 tickets), to reimburse yourself.  
  • You might need insurance. You will need to build this into your ticket price.
  • Can you have food or treats in your space? We serve popcorn at ours.  
  • Do you plan on serving alcohol? If so, you might need a permit or license. 
  • You will likely need a check-in table to collect or sell tickets.  
  • Ask about Wifi/password in case you need it.  

Party Planning Checklist

  • Don’t forget to test-run the technology so you are ready to roll day of!
  • Have popcorn & soda or other treats available to make it feel like a real movie showing!

Important Stuff to Add to Your Invitation: 

  • The movie is not appropriate for young children due to graphic footage. We recommend asking your guests to maintain an adults (and teens) only audience. There is one circumcision scene in the movie – for those guests who ask, be prepared to say yes. 
  • The movie is approximately 35 minutes long
  • Suggest cash or check preferred to your ticket holders. If neither are available for a particular guest, we can process a credit card for them by using the “donation” tab or our website. 


  • We recommend having a Q&A session after your event. If you’d like, we can try to make ourselves available via Facetime/Skype for the viewers. 
  • If you have folks in your community who might be willing to sit on a panel, they could help continue the conversation after the movie is over. 
  • Be mindful that this is a sensitive and controversial topic.  Be prepared to have a designated moderator in a Q&A session and inform panelists that there may be strong and different opinions.