How to host a house party screening

Here’s what you need to know about how to host a house party for The Circumcision Movie

Thank you for hosting The Circumcision Movie in your home!

  • Our primary goal in asking you to host a house party is to SPREAD THE WORD!  The secondary goal is to help fundraise. The production was expensive (about $35,000) and we took the bulk of costs on ourselves.  That is why we are asking for you as the host of the event to commit to $100 by purchasing this toolkit. You can either sponsor the event or raise funds to reimburse yourself however you’d like: charging “tickets” with a set price, or sending a donation basket around at the end of the movie.  
  • We ask that you talk about the fundraising goals at your party, even if briefly, so that your guests know what our numbers look like and how they can help. 
  • If your event raises more than the $100 minimum, a check to “The Midwife Media” is preferred payout of funds raised.  Debit or credit card via PayPal is also an option. Ideally, you would transfer one amount (vs. have each of your guests pay us directly) but we will accommodate whatever ultimately works best for YOU as you are helping US!
  • If you plan to have more than 20 people at your event, please utilize our public screening toolkit, which requires a larger financial commitment ($250+ dollars). 


  • There are two options for your movie technology: an uncompressed digital download or a DVD. The digital download will be higher quality, and you will play it right off your computer into a projector or hooked up to your television. The DVD is compressed, and obviously requires a DVD player. 
  • If you choose the digital download, we will email you a link to download the film in high definition 1080p MP4 format.  Note: the movie file is over 2GB, so be sure you are on a steady broadband connection before downloading.
  • If, upon downloading, you do not have software to play MP4 files from your computer or laptop, we recommend the free VLC Player, available free for Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX.
  • You can play the movie however you’d like: projector, television, or gathered around a computer together. We of course recommend a larger image (like a projector or large flatscreen TV) but in a grassroots effort anything could fly!
  • We will send you a bundle of images you can use in your invitations and promotions, including a movie poster, fundraising infographic, production photos, and art files to make your own invitations. 
  • We recommend using an online invitation program (like Evite) or social media (Facebook Events) to keep track of your guests. These programs are money-free and paper-free! 

Party Tips 

  • Have popcorn & soda or other treats available to make it feel like a real movie showing!
  • The movie is approximately 35 minutes long
  • The movie is not appropriate for young children due to graphic footage. We recommend asking your guests to maintain an adults (and teens) only audience. 
  • There is one circumcision scene in the movie – for those guests who ask, be prepared to say yes. 
  • This is a sensitive and controversial topic. Be mindful that it could be triggering for some, or inspire debate.  
  • After the party, please let us know how it went.  Send us your thoughts!