About the Producers


Emilies Fitzgerald (L) and Rumsey (R) on location

We are two midwives and media producers based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In addition to providing full scope clinical care to women, we also use our interest in digital media to provide health education to families.

We teamed up to begin production on The Circumcision Movie in 2015.



Emily is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Nurse-Midwifery program and the University of Minnesota’s School of Nursing. Prior to a career in health care, Emily obtained a degree in English and Media from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and produced health videos in both director and editor roles. Her video clients have ranged from small clinics to large hospitals and health systems. Emily’s documentary about Doulas is nationally distributed and endorsed as an educational tool by multiple birth experts.

Emily started her midwifery journey as a  doula and labor & delivery nurse. Her interest in circumcision started after an awkward and heated debate at a college party in her early 20’s, becoming more passionate over the years after meeting intact men and discussing their experiences. Her intactivism grew after witnessing circumcision firsthand at the busy hospital where she began working as a nurse. She has been waiting for the right time and partner in crime to produce a documentary about circumcision. 2016 will be the year of the double Emily production team!

Emily has her parents to thank for teaching her to question cultural norms. Their non-conformist healthcare decisions,* like choosing home birth in the 1980’s, may explain her becoming a nurse-midwife as well as producing a movie about routine male circumcision.

A desk job after college inspired Emily to pursue a career in that which she found most fascinating, reproductive health. Emily’s nursing experience includes stints in the emergency department, labor and delivery, and community health. She earned her master’s degree in Nurse-Midwifery from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Emily then joined the midwifery community of the Twin Cities, where because of the population served, the topic of female genital cutting is commonplace.  For Emily, this brought to light the timeliness of a frank discussion regarding routine male circumcision.

Emily started dabbling in video making in graduate school as a creative way to do her homework. Little did she know one day she’d get to collaborate with a pro.

*Emily Fitzgerald is in favor of vaccinations.  

About the Crew

Kevin is a freelance director of photography with broad experience filming for documentaries, TV shows, commercials, and corporate projects of all sizes. His work has been seen on CNN, CNBC, Smithsonian Channel, Investigation Discovery, TLC, Nickelodeon, Sports Illustrated online, Time online, TPT, and international film festivals. He has been nominated for a regional Emmy and has won two Telly Awards, as well as awards from film festivals and the Minnesota Historical Society.

Ryan is research faculty at Georgetown University in biophysics and coordinator of NotJustSkin.org. His focus: science, anthropology, and bioethics of birth, obstetrics, and parenting. Speaker in “UnBreaking Birth” and “Circumcision: an Elephant in the Hospital” (YouTube).  Ryan facilitates parenting & relationship workshops on communication, relationships, and parenting. He is the adoptive parent of an adult child with profound developmental differences. Ryan lives with his family in an intentional community cooperative household of 15 people, currently ages 10-68, in Washington, DC.

Micah graduated from Brown Medical School and currently practices full spectrum academic Family Medicine in a community clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota. He lives with his wife and two small children. They enjoy traveling, biking, running, and XC skiing. Micah is a clinical consultant for the movie, and he is also a featured physician interview. He says, “I am very excited to be involved in The Circumcision Movie and know it will be a great resource for my patients when discussing circumcision.”

Ana was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and moved to the US at age 8. She is a newly minted midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner. She and Emily (Rumsey) were classmates at Georgetown University, where she earned her MSN. She also holds a BS in Nutrition from from UC-Davis and a BSN from Columbia University. She has been a doula since 2009, which inspired her to become a midwife. She became interested in circumcision while working as a doula, recognizing that many of her clients made their decision without weighing the pros and cons. Ana discovered that without information, parents agreed to a surgical procedure that didn’t guarantee any health benefits and held potential risks. She believes in parents making educated decisions for their births and children’s well-being. Ana lives in Berkeley, CA with her dog and partner.

Matt studied Computer Animation and Digital Art at Gustavus Adolphus College, where he earned his BA.  He also holds an AS degree from Academy College in Computer Animation.  Over the past 10+ years, Matt has worked for Pixel Farm on a number of websites, mobile apps, 2D & 3D animation projects for a variety of clients. He also works independently to create WordPress websites for small businesses. He has worked as an independent 3D modeler on the 2003 film, “Rescue Heroes.”