Circumcision Movie World Premiere

Four years in the making, we are THRILLED to announce the world premiere of The Circumcision Movie here in the Twin Cities (Minnesota), where all the creators live.

Please join us for one of two debut screenings. 


LOCATION: Movie Theater inside the University of Minnesota St. Paul Student Center, 2017 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108.

TIME: We will be screening the movie twice (4pm and 7pm) with Q&A sessions following each screening.

*** DOORS OPEN AT 3:30 and 6:30, and showtimes are 4pm and 7pm ***

COST: Tickets are $10 each and include popcorn!  Please visit our Eventbrite page to purchase tickets.

(There will also be an opportunity at the premiere to make donations towards the high cost of movie production).

RECEPTION: We will be hosting a gathering between screenings and after the second screening in the adjacent art gallery, celebrating the premiere and providing a space to continue talking about circumcision!

Why Make a Circumcision Movie?

Circumcision is a very controversial issue in the United States, fueled by cultural traditions and emotional debate. For many parents, circumcision seems like the “norm” and they make the decision to circumcise their sons rather automatically. For parents seeking more information, existing media about this topic is often so polarized that they can find plenty of of opinions, but have trouble finding good evidence-based tools.

We hope our movie is part of a cultural change away from infant circumcision. 

There are so many different layers to this topic: medical, personal, cultural, and ethical. One poster or brochure couldn’t possibly cover all those layers. One book or website could lay out the facts in text, but would be missing the power of human voice.

We are a crew of clinicians and award-winning filmmakers who are going to fill the information gap and make what doesn’t exist: a documentary that will open up the conversation. Our vision is to merge a historical overview with testimonials and current data, using both medical and sociological approaches. Voices of boys, men, mothers, fathers, doctors, midwives, and experts on circumcision culture in the United States tell the story.

Blending accurate health information, personal experiences, statistics, and bioethics, this documentary movie questions routine male circumcision and promotes an informed decision.


We are making a real movie, the right way! We’ve got the experience and passion for the job, but we need to raise some serious money to get it done.

The funds generated in this campaign will cover a professional camera crew, equipment rental, web & graphic design, digital animation, original music, travel fees, and professional editing costs.

Please consider sending a check, as there are no merchant fees and your entire donation will go to the project. If you donate with a check, you can email us for the mailing address: 

If you prefer using a credit or debit card, please use our PayPal donation link.



When we started making this movie, people started asking, “what’s your bias?”

As production has unfolded, it’s become clear to us that there are many ways to approach circumcision in terms of education and awareness. Examining this idea of “bias,” we maintain that our mission is to produce an evidence-based piece that addresses many angles of the issue. Our clinical interpretation of circumcision data definitely questions routine circumcision. However, our approach is gentle and non-judgmental, because we understand the power of cultural norms and we do not believe that positive change happens through angry or polarized voices.

The Movie’s Themes:

  • Historical overview (19th century-modern day)
  • Religious practices
  • Biomedical ethics
  • Parental decision-making
  • Cultural assumptions (U.S.)
  • Cultural comparison (non-U.S.)
  • Health benefits (according to current medical literature)
  • Medical risks
  • Sexual pleasure

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