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In our digital age, it is possible to make incredibly cheap (or even free) media using nothing more than an iPhone and a YouTube account. We respect and value that community production approach. But that isn’t the movie we are making.

We are making a movie that will look, sound, and feel like carefully crafted art. Our Director of Photography is an award-winning cameraman whose work has been featured nationally. Our computer graphics animator works for one of the finest digital creative studio in the entire region. Our soundtrack composer has an eclectic bed of work heard coast-to-coast. And as producers, we are both licensed clinicians who understand how to read and interpret data, and who have unlimited access to “insiders” because we work within the system. Not only are we making a movie that doesn’t exist, we are making it right. Everyone involved is generously offering non-profit rates, and we are proud of a budget that is as frugal as possible, considering that we’ve hired the best people out there.

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